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Jennifer Inman

By looking at an individual’s live blood, we can observe the internal terrain in real time. This is the qualitative story. By measuring specific chemistries in the breath and urine we gather the hard numbers of the internal terrain. These are the quantitative numbers. By obtaining this information, we receive a clear picture of the individual’s immediate state of physical health. If the internal terrain out of balance, the body is susceptible to dis-ease. Body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, weight, BMI and body’s real age are quantified using a bio-electrical impedance scan for baseline measurements. After analyzing an individual’s average dietary habits, a chemistry/constitutional specific nutrition protocol is recommended to regain balance in all body systems. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, the individual can eventually take control of and optimize their personal health!
As a certified dark field microscopist with a degree in Allied Health Sciences, an ACE fitness instructor and Health Coach trainer, a yoga instructor and a public health advocate for the last decade, Jennifer Inman specializes in treating the whole person.


Flow Systems Auditing: Live blood observed under microscope connected to LCD screen to view current blood/ionic charge picture

Bio-Electrical Impedance Scan: Measure Weight, BMI, Resting Metabolism, Muscle Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat and Real Body Age

Nutrition/Weight Loss Consultation: Evaluation of current diet & body measurements- “Development of Individualized Nutrition Protocols”

$75 single service or $195 for full service (all 3)

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