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Anna Fernandez


Yoga and wellness have been an integral part of Anna’s life for over 20 years. Her deep connection with yoga philosophy has guided her to incorporate these teachings into all areas of her life and continue to ignite her passion for Living Yoga. Anna, a mother of 2, has founded, owned and operated local small San Diego businesses for the past 24 years and brings her conscious business expertise to Pier To Point Yoga & Wellness Center. In addition to directing the Center, Anna finds great joy in sharing the healing gifts of yoga and wellness. It is her commitment that everyone who enters The Center is welcomed with kindness, integrity & equality. Anna believes that wellness starts from within and when we are supported by community, compassion & connection, we can create real, lasting change.

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Anna Fernandez


Anna, the Owner & Director of Pier to ​Point Wellness, has been practicing yoga ​for over 20 years. She offers a personalized ​wellness experience that speaks to the ​mind and body, with an emphasis on ​breath, energetic balancing, and healing ​from the inside out.


Individualized sessions give you 1:1 ​support from an experienced yoga ​teacher, help you customize your ​practice for your unique needs and ​allow you to achieve you specific ​wellness goals…on your schedule!

A private yoga session can include: yoga poses designed ​specifically for you, pranayama/breathwork, meditation, chakra/energy balancing, reiki, aromatherapy, and sound healing

*Improves strength, balance & flexibility

*Helps relieve back pain & improves posture

*Helps manage stress and anxiety

*Aids in better sleep

*Gives you energy & boosts metabolism

*Uplifts mood, feelings of well-being & self- esteem

*Tones, Lengthens & Strengthens

*Oxygenates body and increases blood flow

*Benefits heart health

*Connects you with a supportive community

Promotes better self-care and SO MUCH MORE!

Jennifer Opaka

Pilates, Roll & Release Therapy

Jen has worked in the fitness industry ​for 30 years specializing in strength ​training, weight loss, and pain ​management. She is a Pilates ​Instructor with 400 hours of training ​and has a special connection with the ​aging and rehabilitating population.


Improve flexibility, range of ​motion, balance, alignment, and, ​of course, strength.
With deep stretches, focus on ​breathing, and use of specialized ​balls, muscles and fascia are ​massaged and released.

*increased blood flow

*accelerated healing

*pain reduction

*improved fluidity of ​movement

*post-workout recovery


Amy Freeman

Sound Healing

Amy has been a student of yoga for ​25 years and a teacher for 20. She has ​been a Reiki practitioner Level 2 for 5 ​years. Her goal is to help her students ​find and maintain a peaceful mind ​and body, both on and off the mat.


Feel centered, balanced and ​focused. Sound healing can be a ​great complement to improving ​your physical, mental and emotional ​well being.


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Private Mat Yoga (60 minutes)

Be guided to achieve your specific yoga and ​wellness goals.

Private Sound Healing Session ​(60 minutes)

Relaxing immersion includes sounds of the ​chakra tuned crystal bowls, hand pan, tongue ​drums, chimes, rainstick, tuning forks and more!
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We are here to help ​guide you on your ​wellness journey!

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