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Massages are specialized for your personal needs integrating a variety of Eastern and Western modalities. 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions are available. Specialty massages include: prenatal, craneo sacral, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, to name a few. For more comprehensive treatments, additional therapies may be incorporated including: breathing techniques, fascia release, cupping, medi-cupping, stretching, postural assessments and movement therapies.


Jenna has twenty years experience in the Health and Wellness Industry. She provides integrative therapies to create flow and better circulation in the body with the applications of nutritional counseling, a four part lymphatic drainage program she developed, massage therapy, energy work, breathing techniques, meditation/mindfulness and movement to support individuals in their personalized health and wellness journey.

She has worked for the Global Pioneers in Reproductive Medicine, Olympians, has been a guest speaker for organizations such as The American Cancer Society and is a Administrator for a natural health school where she co-developed an international pet nutrition program. Today, she also continues to offer pet wellness and nutritional care.

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