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Lovely Birth Prenatal YTT

Pregnancy is a unique and meaningful period in a person’s life where they experience a range of changes and emotions in a relatively short period of time. Yoga is often recommended for pregnancy because it can help with relaxation as well as aches and pains. Yoga class is also a space where a student finds support and community during this new phase in life. The mindfulness encouraged in yoga allows pregnant students to tune-in to their bodies and embrace the changes they experience throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

Our Lovely Birth Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training prepares you to confidently lead and modify pregnant students in prenatal and public yoga classes. You will learn techniques to best support your students throughout their pregnancy and how to build community with your class. Throughout the course, along with working with lead trainers Cintia Tavares and Yesica Rodriguez, you will have the opportunity to learn from guest teachers who are experts in their fields within the birth community. This helps foster connection and collaboration with birth workers. Perhaps most importantly, you will have several opportunities to practice-teach throughout your journey, fortifying you with valuable teaching experience under our support and guidance.

We divided our training into 3 sections to allow for flexibility and ease as you integrate this in your schedule. Module’s 1 and 3 can be completed as stand alone trainings for Yoga Alliance CEU’s. Module 1 is a prerequisite to Module 2. Completing both Modules 1 and 2 qualifies you to register as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

We hope you will join us!

9 Reasons To Take Lovely Birth Prenatal Teacher Training


1. Knowledge is power: The special populations portion in a typical 200 hour YTT only covers the most basic aspects of prenatal yoga modifications. While you may learn about some contraindicated poses, there are many issues you will find yourself unprepared for in a live yoga class. You probably never covered issues such as diastasis recti or placenta previa. Do you know what SPD is? These are conditions that will greatly affect how a student practices yoga and can cause real harm if a teacher doesn’t know how to properly modify or avoid certain poses for them. Also, if a client asks why a pose is contraindicated, isn’t it great to have the answer?

2. It’s good for business: Having a good prenatal yoga teacher training under your belt sets you apart and opens up new opportunities in a competitive field. Let’s face it, the yoga market, especially in major cities, is saturated with aspiring yoga teachers. When you are able to teach more styles of classes and accommodate more students in those classes, more studios want to hire you. Most of my teaching opportunities started with prenatal yoga and grew from there. It can be challenging to get your foot in the door at a yoga studio especially as a new teacher. A prenatal teacher training opens that door much wider for you.

3. Confidence: Do you low key panic when a pregnant student walks into your vinyasa class? If you do, your students probably notice it. In my time as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher, I have received consistent feedback from my clients about their experiences in public classes. They can sense when their teacher doesn’t feel comfortable having them in class. This makes the client feel uncomfortable too. If you are like me, your priority as a yoga teacher is to make sure your students see your class as a safe space, a sanctuary where they can let go and immerse themselves in their practice. Expanding your knowledge on how to accommodate pregnant students in a variety of classes goes a long way in boosting your confidence and your clients will notice.

4. Knowledge is surprising: When I took my prenatal yoga teacher training, the most surprising thing for me was how much pregnant students could actually do. With the right knowledge and understanding I was able to easily include pregnant students in any class I taught. It’s a great feeling.

5. Pregnant students will be coming to your class: Not only does yoga help relieve a lot of the discomforts of pregnancy, it’s Doctor recommended. OBGYNs recommend exercise to expecting parents because of the many benefits to pregnancy outcomes. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, exercising during pregnancy may reduce the risk of complications like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and the need for cesarean delivery. (https://www.acog.org/Patients/FAQs/Exercise-During-Pregnancy). Yoga is a versatile form of exercise that is accessible to a variety of people. That and the relaxing benefits of yoga means more pregnant students will be finding their way to your classes!

6. Flexibility: Lovely Birth offers flexible options to fit into your schedule and budget. You can sign up for our Intro to Prenatal Yoga for 15 CEU’s or continue on for the full 85 hour Prenatal Teacher Training. We offer additional Postnatal Yoga training that can count for an additional 15 CEU’s. You choose how far you want to take it.

7. Support: In our training, we offer supportive guidance every step of the way. You will have several opportunities to practice teaching what you learn with your fellow students and teachers. We will also cover various scenarios that might come up for you in your classes and figure out how to handle them together. Finally, you will be able to observe live prenatal classes.

8.It’s an honor: If you choose to complete the full training and lead your own prenatal yoga classes, you will quickly see what an honor it is to be part of such a transformative time in a person’s life. Women go through some intense changes physically, emotionally and spiritually while they are pregnant. Being a resource for them during their Motherhood journey is incredibly special and fulfilling.

9. Community and connection: We will always be in your village. Our Lovely Birth teachers are available to answer any questions you have or to discuss any doubts regarding your career as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher.


Module-1- INTRO TO PRENATAL YOGA (October 1-2, 2022)

Module 1 of our Lovely Birth Prenatal YTT is taught over 1 weekend and offers an introduction to prenatal yoga with a focus on modifying pregnant students in public classes. You can take this training alone for 15 CEU’s with Yoga Alliance or continue on to Module 2 to complete the 90 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. Module 1 Includes:

Module-2- TEACHING PRENATAL YOGA Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2 (Weekends October 8-23, 2022)

In Module 2, we will dive deeper into the world of teaching prenatal yoga. Taught over 3 weekends, this portion of the course will prepare you to lead and build your own prenatal yoga classes. Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2. Completing both modules qualifies you to register as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. Module 2 includes:


Module 3 is taught over 1 weekend and will help you safely accommodate and support your students in yoga class after giving birth. You will also learn techniques to incorporate baby into yoga class as well as Ayurveda for pregnancy. Module 3 includes:

PRICING Options:


$ 350


$ 350

Module 1 & 2

(required for YA Prenatal Yoga Certification)

$ 1400

Module 1, 2 & 3

(Save $250)

$ 1500
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