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Mat yoga & Fitness

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Aerial Yoga

Silk Rental

Due to Covid-19 regulations, we now rent & sell our silks for aerial yoga. Rented Silks are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each client and we also sell new & gently used (cleaned and sanitized) silks.

Silks are rented on a one-time or monthly basis. If you choose a monthly option, you take the silk home for the month. You also have the option to rent to own. All silk rentals and sales can be done during check-in. Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before class to receive your silk and the instructor will hang your silk to fit your exact height.

Daily Silk Rental: $20/day

Monthly Silk Rental: $25/month

One-time Silk purchase: $99-$150 + tax

Rent to Own Silk Purchase: $150-$200 + tax

Due to Covid regulations, we can no longer offer or rent props and mats. Please bring your own mat and props or you can purchase new props and mats here at the Center.

Thank you, Namaste. 

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